We need to install Symfony in a Windows 7 environment. XAMPP / Composer are already installed.

On the command line (for example with bash git) execute:

cd c:\\xampp/htdocs
mkdir symfony
composer create-project symfony/framework-standard-edition symfony/ '~2.5'

The download documentation is not up to date. As part of the composer session you will be asked several questions: do allow the demo version, do not allow the debug capabilities and not opting for the database is not an option. The download takes a lot of time, see a movie, visit relatives.

The development version works with the built-in PHP webserver, execute:

php app/console server:run

Access the website in the browser with http://localhost:8000. Done! Alternatively the page is available in the XAMPP webbrowser with


The number of function calls in this setup is around 20,500. Compare to Zend Framework II with 8000 calls.

The production setup at


generates an error “No route found for GET”. The demo version only works for the dev environment and the production environment does not have default routes.