Bitbucket plus Netbeans plus remote server is just one of several configurations in web development.

Bitbucket account:

* Get a bitbucket account, it is free (as in github) and also private (unlike github)
* Create a repository, call it test-123

Next create a Git repo on the local Windows machine:

On the command line (for example with Git bash)
* Create folder test-123
* git init
* git remote add origin
* create file index.php
* Add to the staging area: git add index.php
* commit the change: git commit -m “start”
* git push -u origin master will prompt for the bitbucket password
* a new master branch is created

Enter Netbeans:
* Create a new project using existing sources
* no need to put the meta data in a different directory
* Next, go to properties >> run configuration
* select Run as: Remote Web Site
* Select a valid FTP, SFTP connection (tested with a FTP connection)
* select upload files: On Save
* Initially the file(s) are not synced to the remote server
* right click the sources files for the command synchronize
* Synchronize the local path files to the remote path

In this configuration code changes are entered locally and synced remotely. This offers all the advantages of code indexing, fast searches through code, autocomplete and intellisense.

The initial sync from local to remote is slow, repeating the git init process on the remote server is a lot faster. Let Netbeans handle the git process. A git pull or a branch switch initiated via Netbeans will automatically cause a remove server sync.