Some time ago the Orinoco project was cloud-hosted on Pagodabox. This time the host in the cloud is IBM Bluemix.

Step 1: Sign up for a 30 day trial at

Step 2: After the registration procedure is completed create an app, here the app name is orinoco. The route will become The organisation name is As an Cloud Foundry app select .php. As space name dev was selected.

Step 3: “Download, modify, and redeploy your Cloud Foundry app with the command line interface” by installing Bluemix_CLI_0.5.4_amd64.exe

Step 4: Open Powershell:

  bx info
No API endpoint set. Use 'bx api' to set an endpoint.

The api endpoint for germany is

>bx api
Setting api endpoint to

API endpoint: (API version: 2.54.0)
Not logged in. Use 'bx login' to log in.

Step 5. Log in to CLI

bx login
 API endpoint:


Select an account (or press enter to skip):
 1. (d57c59a43a211d877d8faff92c8b7a2s)
 Enter a number 1
 Targeted account (d57c59a43a211d877d8faff92c8b7a2s)

Targeted org
 Targeted space dev
 =========== next command should be push
 API endpoint: (API version: 2.54.0)
 Region:         eu-de
 Account: (d57c59a43a211d877d8faff92c8b7a2s)
 Space:          dev

Step 6: Create a local project. This can be any folder, in  the demonstration the folder contains a single file index.php with content phpinfo();

Step 7. Push this project to space dev:

>bx cf push orinoco
Invoking 'cf push orinoco'...

Updating app orinoco in org / space dev as

Uploading orinoco...
Uploading app files from: C:\xampp\htdocs\bluemix
Uploading 151B, 1 files
Done uploading

Step 8: view the phpinfo in, at least for the next 30 days.

Pricing: Costs are set at 0.0526 eur / GB-Hour with one GB-Hour the memory usage in GB for the duration if that memory used. An additional database would cost around 20 euro per month.